Our organization unites and involves representatives of artistic and expert communities working with contemporary art in Ukraine, systematically develops the sphere, and advocates the necessity to create a new type of museum institution in our country.



Our history:

MOCA NGO was established in 2020 on the basis of the NGO Dzygamedialab (2015), which has been developing the Open Archive of Ukrainian Media Art and related projects for five years. The discussion on the need for museification of contemporary art in Ukraine has continued in the professional environment since the mid-1990s. In 2019 it was supported by the efforts of Minister of Culture (Volodymyr Borodianskyi, 2019-2020), and then the museum issue went beyond purely professional discussion. In March 2020, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy selected the scientific research by the group, which has been working at the National Art Museum of Ukraine since 2017, to implement the professional museum institution of contemporary art. Two of the nine participants in that working group joined the group of Advisors of the MOCA NGO, and four joined the self-governing MOCA Expert Councils initiated by the MOCA NGO.



The co-founders` interview on the museum creation issues (July 2021).



Since 24th February 2022, when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, MOCA NGO has been focusing on the projects that are particularly relevant during the war days and afterwards.


Our documents and reports


Olga Balashova,

Chairman of the Board,


“The Wartime Art Archive”




Yuliia Hnat,

Ecosystem projects and Development Director, Member of the Board,



Ilya Zabolotnyi,

UEAF Co-founder and CEO,

Special Programmes Director, Strategy & Partnerships


Hnat Zabrodskyy,

UALR and Legal Projects Lead


Volodymyr Borodianskyi, Nataliia Tkachenko, Ksenia Iefremova, Lidia Apollonova, 

“Ukraine. Out of Blackout” program team


Valentyna Klymenko and  Mariia Khalizieva,

Communications (strategies, planning and activities), media and public relations, SMM


Julia Karpets,

Projects coordinator


Halyna Hleba and Tatiana Lysun,

“The Wartime Art Archive”

Co-curators, Researchers


Larion Lozovyy,

“Ukrainian Museum of Contemporary Art Digital Platform” Curator


Illia Levchenko,

“Art in Education” Curator


Polina Baitsym, Borys Filonenko,

“Library of the Ukrainian Museum of Contemporary Art” Curators


Oksana Novosilska and Iryna Skrupska,

Bookkeepers, Financial controlling and reporting





We initiated three expert groups to work on museum of contemporary art issues:


Scientific approach Council—collection principles and policies, exhibitions content, research vectors.


Museum activities Council—processes and protocols in the field of storage, archiving, restoration of works, architectural solutions and exhibitions design, organization of the environment and experience of audiences.


Organizational and legal Council—an organizational model that ensures the sustainability of the institution and its compliance with the needs and challenges of the artistic process, the needs of the professional community; legal aspects of the new institution in the conditions of Ukrainian legal framework.


These MOCA Expert Councils were initiated by MOCA NGO but work on the principle of self-governing.


Scientific approach Council:

Олена Афанасьєва

Ольга Балашова (coordinator from MOCA NGO)

Світлана Бєдарєва

Олексій Биков

Лізавета Герман

Костянтин Дорошенко

Зоя Звиняцьківська

Анатолій Звіжинський

Алевтина Кахідзе

Тетяна Кочубінська

Марія Ланько

Антон Лапов

Ларіон Лозовий

Наталія Маценко

Євгенія Моляр

Яніна Пруденко

Олексій Радинський

Михайло Рашковецький

Валерій Сахарук

Тіберій Сільваші

Галина Скляренко

Олександр Соловйов

Олена Червоник

Богдан Шумилович


Museum activities Council:

Ольга Балашова (coordinator from MOCA NGO)

Світлана Бєдарєва

Олексій Биков

Саша Бурлака

Володимир Висоцький

Семен Кантор

Юлія Манукян

Леонід Марущак

Ірина Мірошникова

Антон Лапов

Ларіон Лозовий

Ілля Заболотний

Владислав Піоро

Олексій Петров

Олександр Ройтбурд (r.i.p) 

Олена Червоник

Катерина Чуєва


Organizational and legal Council:

Євген Березницький

Юлія Гнат (coordinator from MOCA NGO)

Дмитро Голець

Борис Гриньов

Едуард Димшиц

Костянтин Дорошенко

Ілля Заболотний

Анатолій Звіжинський

Ліда Лихач

Тетяна Лойченко

Наталія Іванова

Олександр Ройтбурд (r.i.p) 

Оля Сагайдак

Микола Скиба

Родіон Сорокін

Олена Червоник

Марина Щербенко

Наталія Гнатюк

Олена і Гнат Забродські

Марта Щавурська




Institutional partners:


3Z Design Studio


Architectural Office FORMA


Projects partners




Ruslan Nonka  (2021-02.2022)


and you, who support us